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Park Avenue Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that is situated in lovely Minneapolis, Minnesota at 2525 Park Avenue. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or any other substance of abuse, can take a toll on the well-being and livelihood of the addict. It's important that these individuals seek professional treatment, guidance, and care in order to safely and successfully beat the addiction. Whether the patient requires inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, Park Avenue Center can provide patients with everything they need to beat addiction.

It's very typical for an addict to believe that they can overcome addiction on their own. Although this idea may seem tangible, going cold turkey is unsafe and more than likely will result in a relapse in the very near future. It's imperative that addicts seek the help of Park Avenue Center as patients will receive quality addiction care and treatment methods at Park Avenue Center. If addicts do not seek help for drug and alcohol addiction, their future will be unclear. This is because addiction is a degenerative and progressive disease that requires intense, professional treatment in order to conquer.

Park Avenue Center can provide patients aged 18+ with unique treatment methods along with compassionate care and guidance. The counselors that work with the patient will be by their side every step of the way, helping to ensure their success in recovery. Every addict is able to overcome their addiction if they want it badly enough, but it does take the professional help of Park Avenue Center in order to get to the level of sustained sobriety.

Through deciphering the core reasons why the patient uses drugs and alcohol as an escape will help counselors to better create a treatment program that works for them. A tailor-made approach to recovery is what patients will receive when they enter Park Avenue Center and this is believed to be the best way to treat addiction.

If patients are truly ready to overcome their addiction and begin a new happy and content life than they will succeed in recovery. They must be in that mindset, though, in order to achieve lasting sobriety. Visit Park Avenue Center online now at and recognize how quality treatment can change one's life for the better.

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Google Reviews

  5.0   4 years ago

I had heard and seen multiple negative reviews for Park Ave Center, but I needed employment, and they had it. I’m very happy and grateful that I ignored the negative reviews. This is a company I can easily see myself working for when I retire in 30 years. I’ve worked for extremely dysfunctional and abusive employers, which has impacted my ability to trust my managers and colleagues. Not only was this something Park Ave Center understood, but it was something they have helped me to process and work through. Not only are my personal and professional strengths validated regularly, but they actually push staff to practice self care. I’m told to go home at 4:00pm. I had been used to being given additional “surprise” work at 3:30pm, and expected to stay as late as necessary to complete it. That hasn’t been my experience here whatsoever. I have few expectations from my employment, when it comes to my professional environment: trust, respect, open communication, reasonably healthy boundaries, and integrity. I’m getting all of these at this company. I’m so grateful that I took a chance on this company, because it’s restoring my faith in treatment programs, and the people who own/operate them.

  5.0   4 years ago

Park Avenue Center specializes in MI/CD Treatment with Residential and Nonresidential options, as well as an intensive track for Co-Occurring Diagnoses. Park Avenue has been a staple throughout my career in the private and public sectors of mental and chemical health wellness. The people employed by Park have shown kindness, consideration, and knowledge, in regard to the cases we have shared. Most recently my path has intersected with the Assessment Team and Intake. Holli Ellering is a hands on supervisor and leads a solid team of assessors, who always do their due diligence. Joanne Weber, who manages the intakes, has shown flexibility when it comes to intake and is always available. The counselors at Park Avenue Center are among the few in the industry who follow up after the individual being served has completed their program at Park. Park Avenue Center is not big business, it is a family. The owner Mark Casagrande takes pride in his ownership and it shows.

  5.0   4 years ago

This is the absolute best treatment facility in Minnesota. This program helped me cope and manage mental health issues, my ADHD and anxiety, without the use of medication. I restored my self-worth and core-belief system. This program helped me by incorporating mindfulness techniques into my life. These coping skills and techniques have made it possible for me to manage college, classroom settings, workshops, do homework/school-work and have all of my assignments complete and in on time. I am also able to give feedback properly to my classmates which seems to be an endless instruction from college professors. I'm an "A" student in both of my summer classes right now at Minneapolis Community & Technical College. To brag a little more, in one of the two classes, I am the top student "head of the class" as my geography professor exclaims! As I interact with people and communicate with others, It comes naturally to me to utilize the skills I've learned at Park Avenue Center. I often and on a daily basis think of Park Avenue in sporadic moments while exercising my skills. How could I not? Park Avenue is where I learned how to do most of these things. Example: As soon as my college instructor says the word "peer feedback" my mind immediately visualizes the Park Avenue "process group room" and mentally I see my treatment counselor reminding me of feedback rules... "I see... I hear... I feel... I can relate... My concerns..." This skill has given me the ability to give feedback in a gentle fashion that is honest and straight forward. People are able to receive my feedback with appreciation because my feedback is helpful rather than hurtful. My life dreams are coming true in a way I never thought possible. It all started with me checking myself into Park Avenue Center. That and the fact I was able to sit down, open my mind, my spirit, my ears, eyes and heart and, became "WILLING" to follow some simple suggestions and directions. I also learned at the very least, university level, facts and information about my addiction/alcoholism and the overall disease of addiction/alcoholism and, a wide range of other dynamics that play key roles in the disease itself. Knowing is half the battle. It's what one does with the knowledge that determines weather success happens or not. They gave me vital information, I accepted it and applied to my everyday life. I'm not cured but, I'm happy and I'm free. I have a clear mind and an untainted spirit. It almost feels like God handed me a whole new life and said to me "Get to work" and "There's plenty to achieve". Enough time has been wasted on being distracted in a lifeless circle of nothingness. It's my time to start shining. I'm a sparkle in my own eye and that's the only validation that I need today. Most of all, they worked with me, not at me. I always felt included in my treatment plan. Thanks PAC! Sincerely, Kristine Marie Longfield (2016-2017)

  5.0   4 years ago

they hold people accountable and are good for people who want to get and stay sober

  5.0   5 years ago

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